Summer Fun No. 35, Outside Everybody Outside

Sorry about the Bubble Guppies reference's Liv's favorite show (not so much in my world) and the songs are definitely catchy.  Anyway, after a week of unbearably hot temperatures, we got a Saturday that was "nice hot" and we headed outside! 

Above is our dinner celebrating Matt finishing his summer semester (Yay Daddy!) and kids' first slushies (they loved them of course) enjoyed at a wonderful festival right in our awesome neighborhood!

southern daze said...

I can't believe I've never noticed this before (apparently I'm more than a little slow)...Jack looks SO much like Matt! Holy cow.

Looks like a fun weekend was had by everyone, especially EJ (the look on her face in the slushie picture is perfection!) Also love the look Jack is giving in that picture :-)

Summer Rocks said...

i didn't get the BG reference despite the millions of times i've been forced to see it. A cold slushie on a hot day - what an awesome treat!

Did Liv get a brain freeze from the slushie?

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