Summer Fun No. 36, I-Spy Book

Making an I-Spy book is serious work!   This project took us an entire afternoon (and some of the evening) but Jack was determined to finish the job and gift this book to his baby sister that day.  The supplies could not be simpler...a black tagboard, a camera, puzzle letters, and objects you already have around the house.  But it's the collecting, grouping, arranging, photographing and clean-up that add up!

We did groupings by type of object (play animals, food, cars, dominoes, pencils, small character figurines) and we also did a bunch of groupings by color.  The color pages were tougher as you had to think outside the box (or playroom in our case), but I think they are the best pages as we were able to include a lot of Livie's favorite objects (some of EJ's too).  Even if they aren't the objects she is supposed to "find" she always takes the time to point out her favs (her ugly doll, her egg, elmo).

Mom's job was to photograph, crop, edit and make prints.  As I edited, I really worried about the lighting, the focus, the color, but a 4x6 print is apparently very forgiving and they came out really well.  Jack arranged all the prints in a soft, glitter cover photo album so that Olivia could use it whenever she wanted without help.  One week of ownership and she uses it all the time!  It is such a huge hit that we are already talking about shooting some new items and pulling out the not-so-good pages.  And we might be doing that all soon as EJ has requested her own I-Spy Book from big brother too!

-Project idea via No Time For Flashcards
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

well this is just plain brilliant!! love it!

Me Like-e said...

this was seriously one of the best ideas. jack was so proud to give and the sisters were so happy to receive. All 3 of them sat down together and went through each page. It takes something special to hold the attention of all of them!

Highly recommended for other households. Of course I was not involved in the production so can't attest how time consuming it was. :)

Jackie said...

My kids LOVE much fun to make your own...super cute idea!!

Karri said...

So so cute!! And Jack is a rockin' big bro!

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