Summer Fun No. 37, Letter Discs

{Olivia's new cat "best pet" is always with her}

Today is another gift project Jack made for Olivia.  However this one took absolutely no help from Mom and not a lot of effort from Jack either.  We saw the idea for letter discs here and thought it would be a great thing for Livie to play with and reinforce her letter knowledge at the same time.  We are also hoping it will be a way for EJ to start working on string letters together to make words (once we expand beyond 26 letters).


Our set is created from 1" felt adhesive-backed letters and 1.5" wood discs.  It was as simple as removing the backing and attaching it to the disc.  In fact, I think the hardest part was making sure we had the entire alphabet represented.  When they were completed, Jack placed them all into a small drawstring bag and handed them over to a very eager set of sisters.

-Project idea via Frugal Family Fun Blog
southern daze said...

This is so easy that I may even be able to do it!! Thinking I may make a few sets and send to the hospital where I used to volunteer. Some kids are in there for a long time and need some "school time" - what do you think? Where did you get your supplies?

In addition to Diet Coke said...

Maybe you should seek sponsorship from Target as well given their frequent appearance in the pics.

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