Summer Fun No. 39, Donations for the Hospital

We took donations to the hospital last summer, but this year it was an extra special thank you from Olivia (and our family) for the fabulous treatment she received there!  Liv had a small surgery last week (hence all the quiet toys from Jack that you've seen this week) and we were headed back to get her stitches out, so we decided to bring some fun things with us!

Each child chose an amount of their own money they would like to spend on items to donate and then Matt & I matched their funds.  Our hospital has a patient wish list on their website, so we checked out the list and wrote down our favorites.  Jack bought Farkle, 3 Hot Wheels cars and 6 packs of colored pencils with his $14, EJ purchased Uno and 5 packs of markers with her $10, and Livie bought a Tiana ballerina Barbie and a Hello Kitty puzzle with her $10.  I was very proud of the kids for picking things they would like to have and still being willing to give them away.

They hand-delivered their own bag of goodies to a very thankful lady at the front desk and then we went to the clinic for Liv's (almost final) appointment.

So, here is what all the hub-bub was about...Liv had a cyst near her eye (you can see it in the photo on the left) that needed to be removed.  I know that it looks like nothing, but it was growing behind the scenes & given the proximity to her eyeball we were warned of some bad scenarios.  Turns out everything went great (she was home the same afternoon) and it's healing nicely (the photo on the right is one week post-surgery, 2 days after stitch removal).  We are very thankful!
tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

look at that smile!!! love it! i'm so thankful all went well, that she was home quickly, recovered quickly and she looks great!

southern daze said...

She looks so happy (and cute!) in that picture. Super glad all went well & she's healing nicely.

I know I've said it before but it's so wonderful how you're teaching the kids from such an early age to give back. I know how much those supplies mean to the hospital (and the kids benefiting from them). Love that they picked the amount of their own money to use & picked things they knew kids would like - love!!!

AEK said...

Sorry for the late comment...vacation time. Love Miss O's smile! She looks great! So happy and relieved for you. Also, C has the same dress (the striped one)..Targay special. I also love the idea of the kids picking out something and giving it to the hospital. You should be very proud!

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