Summer Fun No. 40, Picnic and Partying

My computer is currently in the Apple hospital getting a new hard drive (my new computer was already subject to a recall darn it), so I don't have a lot of access for blogging (or anything computer-related...I'm borrowing Jack's right now actually) but I wanted to share about our day of fun yesterday.

My niece Addie celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday with a fun party in the afternoon/evening.  Fun for everyone, but especially awesome for Jack due to the "boy time" he had!  My SIL combines both families together for the girls' parties, so that means lots of extra uncles and 4 extra boys his age.  Baseball, water fights, and no disagreements (shocking right?) was super fun!

EJ & Matt met us at the party a little late because EJ had a get-to-know-you picnic for her new school.  Matt sent me the photo above (getting ready for the 3-legged race) and I think you can tell how much fun she had.  This girl is ready to start school now!
southern daze said...

And you're trying to talk me into a Mac while yours is in the "hospital?" Not sure I could survive without mine!

EJ looks super cute & so ready to start school - fun times!!

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