Summer Fun No. 41, Night Visit to the Zoo

Our zoo stays open in the evenings for a few months of summer.  We were so busy this summer that we hadn't gone once, but luckily for us, we caught the very last one!  It's always a lot of fun to's cooler outside and the animals are usually much more active than they are during the day.  Of course we visited the tigers and as usual Daddy Tiger came over to say hi (and size up my kids as possible snacks).

When we visited the baby tigers (I think they are almost two now) & their momma inside though, things got very interesting!

Yep, that is a tiger licking the glass right in front of my baby's nose!  See that metal shelf/door that EJ and Jack have their hands on?  Someone told us that the tigers can smell our side of the glass through that little door.  So basically, they really liked the smell of EJ and were giving her kisses?  (Or is that is just how I choose to see it so that we can go visit the tigers again without my having a panic attack?)

Whatever the case, EJ could have stayed there all day watching the tiger so close and giggling away!
southern daze said...

Those tigers could feel EJ's love and the were reciprocating it! (That's TOTALLY how I'd think of it!) She looks so in awe of them - love it!!

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