Summer Fun No. 42, School Supplies

I don't think a lot of kids would count school supply shopping as "summer fun," but then again most kids aren't as excited to start school as EJ is and they don't have an extreme love of new office supplies and organization like Jack does.  These bags are stuffed with all the supplies needed for the school year (which is coming up faster than this Mom would like to admit) and we had a pretty successful trip picking everything out (although poor Olivia really wanted to be included too).

We are very blessed that the success of our school supply shopping trip depends on attitudes, crowds and availability of the right kind of mechanical pencil.  For many people, there are much bigger concerns in mind...most of all, the availability of funds to purchase the school supplies needed.

And so we added these backpacks to our cart...

They aren't stuffed full of supplies (just some pencils and spiral notebooks), but it's something...and we hope it helps a couple children have a good start to their school year too!

If you'd like to help by donating school supplies, Staples stores around the country are collecting (details here).

Locally, there are even more opportunities...
Neroli - Institute of Beauty & Wellness - Boys & Girls Clubs
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Children's Service Society

We are dropping off our donations to Children's Service Society of Wisconsin (benefiting children in foster care in our area) the week of August 22nd.  We'd be happy to take your donations too!

Jackie said...

and that second set of backpacks almost looks like they could be ours...right up my kids alley! I'm sure there will be some children that really appreciate those :)

Karri said...

That's awesome!!!! My kids loooove school supply shopping. We're almost done. Just missing a certain color plastic folder.

That's awesome that you do that. If I get my act together, I will pick up some more supplies and drop them off by you!!! Surprisingly, Roos. has many, many students who get donations of school supplies. Thankfully, our PTA has it in the budget to buy for those kids, so we actually have a parent who shops and stocks up during sales year round!

Happy Home Fairy said...

This was a great post. Our church is donating backpacks and school supplies to a local organization for foster kids. I wrote a post about school supplies too, and even drew up a little Scavenger Hunt for your Happy Home to do as they pick up donated school supplies. I'd love for you to check it out!

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