Summer Fun No. 43, State Fair

This year I took the kids to the State Fair on my own one morning.  They're getting older (and more manageable) and Matt had to work (in other words, really isn't so interested in the fair), so we tried it and they did great!  Later I was telling my MIL about it and she asked which rides the kids went on.  When I said none, she asked what we did.  I kind of felt like, "what didn't we do?"  I mean where else can you get your picture taken with a giant pickle?  Seriously though, there is so much to do at the fair that I know we left tons to explore in the coming years!

Flavored milk for a quarter!

Baby ducks

This small slide sent Olivia which she yelled AGAIN!

That dot about halfway down is Jack & EJ taking on the giant slide...

Pig races (we were all first-timers)

More baby ducks (Liv stared at these guys for 15 minutes while the big kids explored the rest of the Discovery Barn)

Lunch! (not healthy, but certainly yummy)

The Horticulture & Craft Building actually had a lot of fun things in it.

The African Violets display looked a lot like my Grandma's house...

Jack studying up on cranberry bogs (we stopped in to try to catch Auntie Alice/Cary Cranberry), but missed her by a bit as we had to head home and rest after our adventures!  We're all excited for next year though!
Jackie said...

Who doesn't LOVE the fair (except maybe matt?!) LOVE all those things you did and I'm pretty sure we had similar ventures..amazing we didn't run into you :)

Emily said...

That looks like TONS of fun! And that slide looks amazing! Glad y'all had a great time.

AEK said...

I absolutely love the look on Liv's face as she is consuming what I can only assume is an awesome Cream Puff!?!

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