Summer Fun No. 46, Yarn Art

This is a project that all three kids absolutely loved!  I mean what is more fun to a kid than dipping yarn in glue (messy fun) and then making a "painting" with it?  Nothing I tell you!  But for the Mom that made up this project on the fly (and maybe thought she could make dinner while they worked), there may have been a better way to approach this yarn art craft!  So...let me give you a few tips to make your experience go a bit more smoothly!

The most important thing I can tell you is prep before you call everyone to the table!  If I had been smart, I would have had Jack cut lots of lengths of yarn before we started (instead of fighting for the scissors to keep up with the girls while he tried to prep).  I also should have set out three bowls of glue instead of just one...why did I think this would be a time everyone would want to share?

Once we got moving, everyone had fun!  I put about a quarter-sized dollop of glue in a bowl and then added water until it was about half-full.  Then the kids dipped their yarn and adhered it to the page...some worked better than others (we used marker paper and it worked fine, but I think something more porous like watercolor paper would work better).  Olivia finished one page then took all her yarn off and started from scratch!  Definitely a good project and one my kids spent lots of time on getting things just the way they wanted.