Summer Fun No. 48, Weaving

Cereal Box? Check
Yarn? Check
Ribbon? Check

That's absolutely all you need for these weaving activities!  Awesome right?

Cut the sides out of a cereal box (preferably one from the recycling bin) and cut even notches on the short sides of each box.  I cut them wider for EJ (about 1" apart) and closer together for Jack (about 1/4" apart).  Then tape yarn on the backside of the box and string the yarn from top to bottom, bottom to top (you loop behind only around the notches, the yarn does not go the full length of the backside) across to the other side of the box.  Then cut the yarn and tape on the back of the box.

Big kids can do traditional weaving with yarn (over/under, back and forth) switching colors as they wish.

To make things less intimidating for younger kids, cut lengths of different width ribbons (just a bit larger than the width of the board).  They will still weave over/under, but they are only working across the board (no back and forth) which simplifies things quite a bit!

The finished projects!  I must admit that the best part of the younger version is that it is reusable.  Just keep the ribbons and board together and it is easy for your little person to weave whenever they would like (really great for small motor skills too).

-Project idea for EJ found here
-Project idea for Jack found here
Jackie said...

So funny...I just saw that the other day and IMMEDIATELY put that one down as a "to do" as Abbie would LOVE that! and because I remember doing those when I was a kid!!

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