Summer Fun No. 51, 52, 53, Brewers Games

Yep, that has three numbers in the post title (and actually I just realized there was a game that we don't have photos of, so it should be 4!).  Clearly we have a favorite activity in this family and, of course, Jack is the number one fan in this house (he went to 3 games last week alone) but the girls have been pretty upset lately when they miss a trip to the ballgame.

Go Brewers Go!
nora said...

The girls have been to a Twins game, but I don't think they share the same enthusiasm that your kiddos do.

AND I LOVE the pic of you and Livie! Georgeous momma!

southern daze said...

I can't believe I'm going to say I'm craving a trip to the ballpark myself! What in the heck has CLE done to me?!

Love the smiles in this pic :-)

AEK said...

Will Livie sit through the whole game? We are taking M to a Kane County Cougars game (minor ball) soon but aren't taking C because it is at night and I worry that I would spend my time chasing her!
Just curious!

Jackie said...

Glad to see your shirt made it to some other games too!! totally needed one!! How could you not want to go to lots of Brewers games this year?! Go Brewers!!

by the way...packer season is fast approaching...are you outfitted? you never know when we might require shirts :)

beckley said...

my BABY! =)

thanks, again!

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