Summer Fun No. 54, Butterflies and the Zoo

Grandma treated us to a day at the zoo doing all the special things Mom & Dad never agree to (sea lion show, carousel, lunch, gift shop purchases, popcorn), but the hit of the day was the butterfly exhibit!  When we entered, I thought it might be lame because there were a lot less butterflies than there are in the permanent exhibit at our local museum, but these were a much friendlier bunch!  Either that or we all became Butterfly Whisperers for the day.

They landed on/crawled to some interesting places too!

The only thing that got my kids out of there was tickets to the sea lion show.  What a fun day...Thanks for spoiling us Grandma!!!
southern daze said...

What a fun memory for them to have! I, on the other hand, think I may have been a bit creeped out when they started crawling on me.

Sounds like the perfect zoo day. Grandmas are the best!

Mom said...

Grandma looked at the picture of the wrinkled old woman and said, "Who is that? I don't have those wrinkles next to my eyes." Went to the mirror and I do if I smile. I'll never smile again !!! And that hair...sure
needed a one yesterday.
Boo-Hoo..I'm getting old.

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