Apple Farm

We have never been apple picking, so we decided to check it out this weekend with our favorite nieces (and their parents of course).  We still have never been apple picking!  The fields weren't ready yet, but luckily for us this farm had an awesome play area (huge) that kept all the kiddos busy and happy for hours!

It was such a big place with lots of things to climb (luckily the taller kids were willing to help EJ out with boosts up the hay bales) and chase each other on (see Jack in the corner there?).

Livie and Ev spent the majority of their time in the swings (Liv never met a swing she didn't love), but took time out to tackle the tire tower too!

It took Jack some time (and bike trading) but he finally found a all-terrain trike he could pedal without hitting his daddy-long-legs into the handle bars!

The kids played and played and played...well, with one break for water and caramel apples!  I'd say the trip was a success...and apple and pumpkin season will be here before we know it.

Mom said...

Apples are usually not ready until October. Just about pumpkin time too.
Looks like lots of fun was had by all anyway.

Is it Fall Already? said...

It was a really fun time! Nice place and tons for the kids to do. And the caramel apples were yummy good.

Jackie said...

I think you guys should join us for apple picking! I mean I might be almost considered an expert since I think I've been doing it since I was born and I distinctly remember taking owen at 3 weeks old :) I'd be happy to give you the low down on all the hippest orchards :) oh and we do have some people you might know that come all the way from Iowa to apple pick because we are the most fun people to apple pick with!!

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