Fav Foto Friday, 1-2-3

{I know you're smiling right now.  You can't look at this crazy girl & not crack up!}

As in we wish potty-training was as easy as 1-2-3!  But of course, every kid is different and I've got three very different kids to help prove that theory time and time again (but especially when it comes to potty-training). 

Let's be honest...third time around, we got lazy!  We had the big kids make Liv a potty chart and then we set to (halfheartedly) training her.

The truth is she's been tough kid to work with.  Was she not understanding what to do?  Did she just not want to do it?  Were stickers on a chart not enough motivation?  Or were we just off our potty-training game given that we hadn't done this in 5 years (EJ trained herself...I kid you not)?

In the end, I think this girl was sick of lame hand-me-downs!  She picked out her very own frog potty.  We picked out some books...one that was actually written about a girl using the potty and one whose flush button does work when pushed (Jack's old books were clearly not cutting it). 

Four days later and guess what?  Dry all day...including overnight and naptime!

We've still got some work before I'm willing to turn in the pull-ups for fancy underwear, but I have learned one very important lesson.  The $11 frog potty was the smartest purchase I've made in a long time (even taking into account the two potty chairs and two potty seats we already own).

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That's My Girl! said...

Yeah Livie!! She is so proud when she goes. And it's endearing how the other kids clap for her when she goes. It is interesting - 3 kids, 3 different experiences. I guess that's life.

southern daze said...

You were right, that first picture had me smiling before I even read the caption!Glad to hear it's going better. And I must confess, that frog potty is pretty darn cute.

Jane said...

My nephew has the frog potty, but I have to say he's got nothing on Miss Olivia rocking the 'throne' in her princess crown!

nora said...

Ha ha ha! Those 3rd kids - I think I owe more than 1 glass of wine to mine.

Happy Friday!

Jackie said...

That Livie cracks me up!!!!!! Can't wait til you can go pick out some fancy underwear...or at least hear about that story :)

AEK said...

Congrats to Livie!! I have been thinking of letting C pick out her own potty..she is using M's right now. You are definitely right that they are all so very different!

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