Calm at the end of the crazy

Our Wednesdays are always kind of crazy, but yesterday seemed especially so.  Busy...all of us overtired...dinner at 7pm (which is pretty late when you're 2).  I expected a really rough bedtime, but they actually worked together to clean up their playroom and then I found them like this.  So cute I had to go get my camera.  Now to figure out how to make this happen every night!

In other news from the day:
-The Rolo McFlurry is no more.  This is good news given that candy season is upon us!
-Finding only one glove in the lost & found bin is almost worse than having both gloves MIA.
-I am loving the sneak peek tracks on this upcoming album.  Shocking, I know.
-Jack is not a fan of choose-your-own-adventure books for the same reason I never liked them.  You don't get to read a lot of the book!
-In a last minute moment of sanity, I stopped myself from buying the exact same jacket I bought both of the girls this week.  I mean, seriously what was I thinking?  I blame sleep-deprivation...and the fact that they seem really warm and cozy.
-This makes me laugh every time I watch Parks & Rec!
k said...

I LOVE their jammies, and what a sweet picture.

Once, when Ezra was younger, I bought him the same exact outfit twice. It was reassuring to know that I was consistent. :)

Karri said...


I used to go back and choose a new adventure so I could read the book again :)

AEK said...

Treat Yo Self! That show cracks. me. up.

Jackie said...

Yep, I think you should Treat Yo Self!!! Funny!! and I think I'd cry if I found my kids that way would be the Ahhh moment I've been needing/waiting for for the last 2 weeks!!

cyndi said...

-I love this picture!
-I want some pj pants like Liv's.
-I have a serious love/hate relationship with candy season (more hate now given my current "dr's orders).
-I loved the "choose-your-own" romance books but that's because I read all the possible combinations. I refused to let any of the book go unread :-)

nora said...

Cutes picture ever!

I have never liked the choose your own adventure book.

The album probably isn't in my top 5, but I understand why you like it.

Happy week!

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