Candy Corn Round-Up

 {made by me; pattern here; face inspiration here}

What is more Fall than candy corn?  That waxy little candy just has to be eaten this time of year.  I made the guys above (they are tiny...only about 3" tall) last week and I love the little faces!

I also made these treats with actual candy corn...salty, sweet, and needing to get them out of my house immediately!  So good and more than a little addicting!
{photo and recipe courtesy of This Mommy Cooks}

I've seen so many cute candy corn crafts and treats that I thought I'd share just a few here in a littel candy corn round-up.

{image via The Swell Life}


 {image via Woman's Day}
AEK said...

Those little guys at the top are just awesome. Love!

Tis the Season said...

Candy Corn Martini? Hmmm, intriguing.

Jackie said... love in life! A whole post devoted to you :) I think I love all of these equally!

Tomoka said...

Are these on international sales? LOL!

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

I adore candy corn! I'll have to try your little treats, sweet and salty? Yes please!

I personally prefer the Candy Corn Martinis by Fashionably Bombed over Posh Mommy's since they don't involve an egg white.

k said...

Oh my GOODNESS. Those little candy corns at the top are ridiculously cute.

You're so crafty!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Lots of cuteness here! Thanks for the sweet comment!

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