Fav Foto Friday, Halloween

This week's theme is Halloween, and while we don't trick-or-treat until tomorrow, there have been plenty of celebrations already.  So here is a peek at the week in iphone photos...

"Costume Day" at dance class - we went with something festive, yet danceable

Matt and the kids came up with a plan to spray paint our pumpkins.  The thought was that is would be somewhat easy, and also maybe deter some squirrels.  It didn't quite work out as planned.

Jack had mismatch day at school.  It's not as easy for boys to pull this off (jeans go with everything), but he did rock the two different shoes look.

The girls delayed nap and got all bundled up for the school parade (only a couple Livie breakdowns, so I consider it a win).

Agent P in the parade...along with his friends the shark, President Obama, and the witch.  So much fun to see all the cool costumes at our school...we've got some creative parents!

Linking up with Nora - see more Halloween fun at Fav Foto Friday!

Our Porch is a Buffet said...

These pics brought a smile to my face. Very cool. Can't wait til T-or-T! I think the problem with the pumpkin is it had a soft spot in it for easy access. The other pumpkins were fine. That's my justification anyway for not giving up on the colored pumpkins.

AEK said...

Love the shoes! Wish we could trick or treat on the weekends too. Jamie is taking the day off on Monday so that he can T or T with the girls. He gets home to late otherwise. Have fun and stay warm!

vaneblu said...

What a sweet post, great pics!
And I guess the squirrels are color blind ;)

nora said...

Love these! I love the dance class costume - we almost did the same thing.

Enjoy your weekend!

k said...


That pumpkin pic cracked me up. We have some Very Serious Squirrels in our neighborhood, too, and they do not play around when it comes to pumpkins.

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