The Princess and the Frog

Around here, it tends to be freezing cold for our trick-or-treat each year, so we do our best with long underwear under, and hats & gloves over, our costumes.  I tend to go the other route which is bundle up each kid in a costume that is also warm (last year is a good example of this...and they still all had long underwear hiding under their costumes).  This year the girls really wanted "pretty" costumes.  The asked to be a princess and a fairy.  I came up with the idea for a princess and a frog, but promised a pretty frog!

{tiana and tomboy}

I knew they'd jump at the idea because they read Tiana's story every day (I wish I was exaggerating).  But given that they're favorite line is when she says, "I'm green and I'm slimy!", they were fighting about who got to be the frog.  It's pretty obvious that my girls and one part princess, one part tomboy.

This week we have been having incredibly warm temperatures, and the girls hadn't tried on their costumes yet.  So I thought we could have a little fashion show and I could share the costumes the way they are intended to be (I promise I'll still share the bundled up versions later this month).

The princess:
Dress & headband - Rubie's Costume Co.
Gloves - So Sweet Boutique
Necklace & bracelets - dress-up closet stash
Wand - $1 section at Target
Shoes - Target (similar)

The frog:
Hat - Over the Rainbow Design
Tutu - I Love Lucy's Tutus
Leg warmers - made by mom
Shirt & leggings - Liv's closet
Shoes - Target

The shoes are their favorite part!  I really love these costumes and I love the way the girls beamed yesterday when they got to play in them for awhile.  The girls are happy that they got new fancy shoes for Fall and after trick-or-treat they will have some great new things to add to the dress-up collection.  I know the long gloves will be played with every day.

But most of all, I love the magic!
grandma said... look great. Such a pretty princess and a wonderful frog. You should get lots of trick or treat candy with those lovely costumes. Love you, Grammy

Bridget said...

Oh my god. Cutest Halloween costumes ever! If they came to my door, I would give them triple candy. :)

Leslie said...

Cuties!! :-)

Sandy said...

They both look great, but I gotta tell ya...that froggie costume is one for the history books. LOVE IT!!!

southern daze said...

EJ is adorable & that is the cutest frog I've EVER seen!!!

AEK said...

TOO CUTE! I showed Mad the photos and she said she liked the shoes the best too! Great work.

nora said...

You win monny of the millenium - so freakin cute!!! Love love love!

Michelle Smiles said...

Gasp! Too stinking CUTE for words!

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