We're heading out to pick out our own pumpkins this weekend, but today I thought I'd share my finished crochet pumpkins (WIP here).  These puff stitch pumpkins headed over to Jackie's house this week as an early birthday gift.  As you can see the big pumpkin really did end up much bigger than the other two, but it is a cute, floppy one on it's own.  If you'd like to give them a try, the pattern is here (and I'm happy to say that my hand has recovered from the puff stitch claw too!).

The other set came from a pattern I found on Planet June (the small version & then I improvised making that pattern bigger for the large pumpkin).  They headed over to my Mom's house this morning as an early birthday gift too.  Well, I did keep one of the little guys for our house.  They were too cute to say good-bye to all of them!
Jackie said...

and I LOVE mine :) they all turned out so super cute!! I think you may have found yourself a business :)

southern daze said...


Bridget said...

Adorable!! I'm jealous of Jackie's present...I need to find a local friend like you!

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