Reading List Summary, August

Family List
The Voyage of Turtle Rex (Kurt Cyrus)
The Jellybeans and the Big Camp Kickoff (Laura Numeroff)
Bug Babies (Charlotte Guillain)
Watch Peas Grow (Therese Shea)
Animal 123: One to Ten and Back Again
Bug Food (Charlotte Guillain)
Tacky and the Emperor (Helen Lester)
Kitten's Summer (Eugenie Fernandes)
Sort It Out! (Barbara Mariconda)
Jump! (Steve Lavis)
The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice (Kristen Balouch)
Cinderella Penguin Or, The Little Glass Flipper (Janet Perlman)
Please, Puppy, Please (Spike Lee)
Melvin and the Boy (Lauren Castillo)
Hey Diddle Diddle (Eve Bunting)
Helicopters (Darlene Stille)
Soccer Hour (Carol Nevius)
How Do Our Eyes See? (Carol Ballard)
Eddie's Toolbox (Sarah Garland)
Piggy Pie Po (Audrey & Don Wood)
My Farm Friends (Wendell Minor)
Waddles (David McPhail)
Blimps (Darlene Stille)
Harriet's Had Enough (Elissa Haden Guest)
Bunny Cakes (Rosemary Wells)
Meeow and the Little Chairs (Sebastien Braun)
Freckle Juice (Judy Blume)
Hunter's Best Friend at School (Laura Malone Elliott)
First Day of School (Nicola Barber)

Jack's List
Babe & Me (Dan Gutman)
Snowboard Showdown (Matt Christopher)
National Geographic Kids Weird But True! 3: 300 Outrageous Facts
Summer According to Humphrey (Betty G. Birney)
The Buddy Files: The Case of the Library Monster (Dori Hillestad Butler)

Mom's List
The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion)
Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Rob Lowe)