Here Comes the Rain Again...

This week started out so beautifully weather-wise.  And then I finally got both big kids back in school (after extended sick days) and the weather went from September to November overnight!  The girls were not happy walking to dance class in the rain & cold, but at least they got to look cute doing it right?  Well, that is if you ignore their faces...EJ is freezing so she's mad that I'm making her stop for a pic and Livie had some challenges holding her new cat umbrella (so I carried it most of the way to school).

In other news this week:
-I know it's Fall, but every day I see at least 3 projects involving burlap.  And every time I see one, I think of Karri & smile.
-I'm cleaning the basement again (I blame Cyndi for cleaning hers and inspiring me).  I decided to take a different approach this time (so far it's actually working) and am hoping for the best.  You wouldn't believe the treasures (not really) I'm finding down there!
-I did find a bag of sample-size shampoos & conditioners we were "gifted" while visiting hotels.  We've taken them to women's shelters before, but this time around we're donating them to an organization that helps the homeless in our area.  If you travel, this is a really easy (and free) way to help others.
-Movember is here again.  This year Matt is growing a goatee.  It's still weird and annoying, but I realized (in the middle of a meeting at school) that it is less embarrassing than just the stache.  I feel like Matt should wear a button announcing that he is embracing the 70s for a good cause...for my sake.
-Saw this trailer for the new film about Kevin Clash (aka Elmo) and really hope it comes to our area sometime soon.  Looks like a great story about following your heart, passion and dreams that I would love to share with my kids.

southern daze said...

The look on EJ's face cracks me up. Priceless! Loving Liv's cat umbrella. Hoping you'll share you're new approach to the basement. I'm done with the big stuff but now I'm left with boxes I need to go through (it's the overwhelming little stuff that's getting to me).

GREAT idea on donating travel size hotel shampoos & such. I've never thought of doing that. So easy & yet so perfect!

cathleen said...

Oh my goodness...those are the cutest little rain-ready girlies I've ever seen! Really, very sweet!

StacheMan said...

I agree EJ's face is funny! "Really Mom? You want to me to stop in the cold rain so you can take a picture?"

AEK said...

Must know your "new approach" as well! I am as well dying to see the Kevin Clash/Elmo documentary. He was on Jon Stewart not too long ago. It is so amazing that he does Elmo. Blows. My. Mind.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

they look so sweet in their rain gear! i have a girl that would love that horse covered slicker ;-)

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