Tiny Hats

My Sunday project was these little hats.  They were somewhat fast to hook up and I love that I only used yarn I already had from previous projects.  They came out seriously cute.  In fact so cute, that I've been trying to come up with more little people to gift new color variations!

This shell stitch baby hat is a gift for Matt's cousin's new little girl.  It looks so tiny to me, but it is a 3-6 month size and I wouldn't doubt if it's way too big for a two-week-old.

I couldn't send the baby a hat and nothing for her big sister, right?  So this hat is also on its way.

Of course my girls had to test it out first.  I hope she likes it half as much as these turkeys did!
ElisabethAndrée said...

Lovely hats and daughters!
There is a lot going on, on your blog, very nice to see:)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words! Hope you have a great week!

jessica said...

Seriously beautiful and cute hats, Heather! I love them!!

AEK said...

Those hats are too cute! You seriously inspire me to try my hand at knitting...someday..

Jackie said...

those hats make me want to have a baby..well, kind of. I LOVE (am seriously obsessed) with baby hats...so so cute!!!!! can I hire you? I mean for all future babies we better have in our family!

Kathleen said...

Cutest. Little hats. Ever. Seriously---the Valentine colours are making me swoon, and I don't even like Valentine's day! Awesome yarn-selecting and crocheting on these. :D

KK said...

Those hats are super cute. Seriously, very pretty and I'm not typically a "pink" girl but those colours look beautiful.

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