Cooking with Pinterest...Family Style Edition

I have been trying new recipes off of Pinterest again, but this time around, I did my menu planning for the family (last time was party snacks).  I figured it was worth a shot and, for the most part, it was successful.  None of these recipes are fancy or uber-healthy, but they do feed a family of five and are simple to make!

Crockpot Potato Soup
I have a potato soup recipe from my sister-in-law that I love, but I rarely make it.  This recipe involves a crockpot and opening some packages...much more likely that I will make it often.  Everyone really liked it (it is filling & we had lots of leftovers too), except for Olivia (who only ate the shredded cheese she picked off the top of her soup & her dinner roll).

Teriyaki Chicken and Rice
This is another simple recipe with the added benefit of being super fast and customizable.  I did ours with brown rice, chicken, edamame and egg.  Everyone loved the teriyaki sauce (even Jack who normally is not a fan).  Olivia (who is not as picky as Jack, but can like something one day & hate it the next) ate everything except the rice.

Cheeseburger Flatbread Melts
I made these using my sloppy joe recipe and also used pre-made flatbread that I toasted before making the melt.  No one complained, but I don't think anyone was in love.

Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese
The next week I tried another variation with our sloppy joes and added the meat to a grilled cheese sandwich.  This was a huge hit (although I think Liv only ate her fruit and veggies).

Chicken and Dumplings/Chicken Pot Pie
This recipe is titled Chicken and Dumplings, but it's really an easy version of chicken pot pie.  Super simple and has a very similar taste to traditional chicken pot pie without a lot of work.  This was not a huge hit, but no one really hated it either.

Confession: I bought my first suitcase chicken for this recipe.  I don't think I'll be doing that again though.  For one thing, I couldn't touch it (uck), so Matt had to get all the meat out for me.  Another is it made my car smelly on the way home.  I think I'll stick to chicken without bones.

Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread
This was loved by everyone and simple to make too.  I think it would have come out better if I made it in a bundt pan as instructed (I used an angel food cake pan as I still haven't purchased a bundt pan) as the dough would have cooked more evenly, but the kids really liked this one.  It's a fun Friday night treat dinner for sure.

I'm sure you've picked up that Jack is my pickiest eater and Livie is my fussiest eater, so it's extremely rare that everyone likes the same meal.  I want them to eat but it's really gotten to the point where I just can't worry about it.  Still there are some meals that Matt & I love that none of the kids will eat.  So the other night when I made one of those meals for us, I threw together something different (and quick) for them.  Rotini, edamame, chicken, and parmesan cheese...they all loved it.  Like really loved Olivia had four helpings loved it!  So bizarre, but if I can make something they will gobble down that easily (from random things I find in the kitchen), I might need to start doing it more often.
Medical Alert said...
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It Was All Good But... said...

Just looking at the Teri Chicken and Rice makes me want to have it again. That was good stuff!

AEK said...

For the flatbread melts, did you use Pillsbury Pizza Dough? I find that it works great cut up and fried. This is one my family's favs but I think they like the fried bread more than anything else!

Michelle Smiles said...

What in the world is a suitcase chicken? LOL

Love seeing Pinterest reviews.

Karri said...

thank YOU for that! If I make that pepperoni pizza bread, i will be mom of the year!!! (leavingout the pepperoni for the girls).
ha- i didn't have a bundt pan for years, either. finally broke down and got one this year.

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