Just Like Summer Playlist

It has been our tradition that every five years or so, we take a trip and hang out somewhere a little warmer right about now.  But this year we're sticking close to home, so I thought I'd share a playlist of the songs of last summer.

Feels Like Summer Mix
Perfume Old 97s
Options Gomez
The Walk Meyer Hawthorne
Window Are Rolled Down Amos Lee
Get Love Rusty P's
Angry Words Willy Porter
Don't Play No Game Beastie Boys
In the Sun She & Him
Blowin' My Mind BoDeans
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People

What songs transport you to a warm summer day (or a tropical vacation)?
Jackie said...

Anything Bob Marley makes me think tropical!!

And I mean you can have a nice pretty snowy day today or tropical beaches? Such a hard choice! Play that list and pretend (and relax!) :) Happy day friend!

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