Reading List Summary, January 2012

Family List
We're Roaming the Rainforest (Laurie Krebs)
Al Pha's Bet (Amy Krouse Rosenthal)
A Ball For Daisy (Chris Raschka)
Tyrannosaurus Dad (Liz Rosenberg)
Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile (Gloria Houston)
That Cat Can't Stay (Thad Krasnesky)
Police Dogs (Mary Ann Hoffman)
The Art Collector (Jan Wahl)
Giant Steps to Change the World (Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee)
Emma's Journey (Claire Frossard)
Madeline at the White House (John Bemelmans Marciano)
Can We Save the Tiger? (Martin Jenkins)
Max for President (Jarrett J. Krosoczka)
Watch Pine Trees Grow (Therese Shea)
Raccoons (William John Ripple)
Stars of the Sea (Allan Fowler)
Dashing Through the Snow (David Kirk)
Yoko's Show and Tell (Rosemary Wells)

Jack's List
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (Tom Angleberger)
The Boxcar Children #19: Benny Uncovers a Mystery (Gertrude Chandler Warner)
The Boxcar Children #80: The Hockey Mystery (created by Gertrude Chandler Warner)
Cheetahs (Kate Riggs)
Bill Clinton (Elaine Landau)
Bats: Hunters of the Night (Elaine Landau)
The Boxcar Children #11: Caboose Mystery (Gertrude Chandler Warner)
The Boxcar Children #17: Mystery Behind the Wall (Gertrude Chandler Warner)
Sports Camp (Rich Wallace)
Harry Houdini: A Magical Life (Elizabeth MacLeod)

Mom's List
Then Again (Diane Keaton)
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (Tom Angleberger) 
Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times (Helen Thomas) 
Sports Camp (Rich Wallace) 
Darth Paper Strikes Back (Tom Angleberger)
Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I love the texture on the squares too - and yes, weaving is a pain!

AEK said...

So what did you think of the Helen Thomas book?

Kathleen said...

Seeing this list makes me so happy! It's so cool to know that you're sharing the amazingess of reading with your kids. (And I especially love seeing the Houdini book on your list, as I remember reading a few kids' biographies of Houdini when I was in elementary school and being completely fascinated.)

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