Roasted Broccoli

{before and after}
This recipe is not an example of my recent attempts at tricking the kids into healthier eating.  The girls and I love broccoli!  Anyway, I was planning to do a version of a recipe I saw with rigatoni and sausage and broccoli.  The trouble is that the boys won't eat broccoli, so I decided to do it on the side and also make edemame for their version.

I made the broccoli using this Roasted Broccoli Recipe and everyone loved it...even the boys!  I will definitely make this again, but next time I will double the broccoli and halve the salt.  Super yummy though!

One more food rave...grilled cheese using honey crisp apples and sharp cheddar cheese.  They were so good!  And yes, I'm cooking a lot more now that we have a working kitchen again.  We are very close to having it all finished (the floor should be put in this week) and then I swear, I'll share some photos.
Bridget said...

And in the summer months, do the same thing but put the broccoli in some sprayed foil... yum!! We grow broccoli in our garden and never got tired of it cooked that way!

cyndi said...

Roasted broccoli is so good! Glad the boys liked it :-)

Can't wait for kitchen pics!!!

Jackie said...

Have you tried roasted cauliflower at all? Just a smidge of olive oil and parm cheese, it's yummy!!! Roasting any veggie makes it better in my opinion!

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