Work-in-Progress Wednesday 23

Last week I was starting a secret project (shown on the left) and I really liked the pattern, but not for this gift.  It just wasn't quite right (although I'll probably return to that pattern in the future), so I enlisted my niece's help and we spent some time looking through patterns on Ravelry until we found the perfect idea.  It's still a secret project, so I'm only showing a peek, but I love it!  Oh, and that is the same blue in both photos (the right is more true to color).

I like the new pattern so much that I am starting to make it again (yes, before I'm done with the first one) for another gift.  It was too cute not to do again in a new set of colors (I have a feeling I'll revisit this one often).

I am still reading Garlic and Sapphires.  I really enjoyed it at the beginning (I'm at about 2/3rds read), but am having a hard time pushing myself to finish.  I'm not sure if the storyline is repeating or if I'm always reading when I'm too tired.  Next on the agenda is these two books about Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.  One is written for teens and one is 300 pages long. I think you can guess where I'll be starting!

I'm excited to read more books on the great women book list, but I am mad at myself because I keep checking out library books.  Having books with a due date means I have to wait to read these awesome (and funny) books that I now own (thanks to my birthday), but just get to stare at.  Boo!

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AEK said...

Totally agree with the library books vs. owned books conundrum! I have so many of my own books that I should be reading, but instead keep checking out more books from the library that I am compelled to read first! Oh, these first world problems!

autumngeisha said...

Can't wait to see what the secret projects are. The color combinations that you are using are wonderful.

farfromharmfarm said...

I am so intrigued with the new bio of the girl guides founder so will be adding it to my must read list. would love to know what you think.

Sara said...

A secret project... How fun!

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