Work-in-Progress Wednesday 24


I have been working on two blankets...same pattern, very different colors.  I had started both and then focused on working to completion of one of them which I did this past weekend.  I blocked it and went to start on finishing the second one, but my hook has gone missing!  It shouldn't be hard to find a bright red metal H hook, but yet...  I've looked everywhere I may have put it, but I'm having trouble channeling where the almost 3-year-old may have put it.  Ugh!

So in the meantime, I got going on another project.  I am making a light hat to cover the red head and her fair skin as the sun keeps peeking out (and the summer bucket hats are not in stores yet). I am using this pattern, a G hook and Patons Grace cotton (#3 weight).  As expected given the change from an adult pattern, use of a different yarn and my tight hooking, I've had to rip and redo about 3 times.  But I think I've finally got the sizing down.  I can't wait to see how it comes out, but I am also fully aware that I could have finished the other blanket in this same amount of time.  Maybe this hat will sway her to tell me where my hook is?

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Mama Shara said...

My hooks are always missing right when I need one...i even have bought multiples but it hasn't helped...I have to say though, that it is usually me who has mislaid and not the kids!!

Karen said...

oh I can so relate!

on my last cleaning binge I gathered all the hooks about the house and put them in a jar on my bookcase: I actually have 3 of most each size, just because I am always getting a new one when one goes missing!

Here's hoping you can find the hook quickly - love the hat!


bookworm-Mary said...

Hooks always have that bad habit of disappearing, don't they? Makes me glad (at least for now) that I know it's my fault if one disappears, and not the shenanigans of a small one.
The hat is looking adorable! I love the color :)

Paula said...

Awesome color on that hat -- it looks especially great with red hair. Hoping your hook materializes soon, that must be really frustrating!

Michelle said...

Love the color of the hat! Hopefully you can make an even trade, the hat for your hook. :-D Seems fair to me!

Nicky said...

I'm sure you'll find the hook soon; it'll turn up before you know it.

Love the colour of the hat; it's going to be gorgeous especially against the red-head.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Between the sofa cushions? In the sandbox? Keeping company with the crayons? Cute pink hat!

Tanya said...

very nice! so neat!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Oh no! I hope you find your hook soon.

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