Busy Weekends

As we head into summer, things are getting busier and busier each weekend.  This morning I dragged three very tired kiddos out of bed for school.  I know they had a great time this weekend, but I feel badly that they don't get some time to catch up before school.  At any rate, I thought I'd share some pics of the fun.

EJ had a birthday tea party to attend, so she got all blinged out for the fun.

 Matt & I got our annual fishing license (I go once, he goes a lot) which I generally despise doing, but I did find this mini lanterns which was awesome.  I had been looking for them for the kids but everything I found was too expensive.  These were 5 bucks.

Matt took the big kids to a indoor football game Saturday night and it was free jersey night too.  After the game they were able to get signatures.  Jack stood in line for players and got 3.  EJ went to all the cheerleaders and filled her jersey!

Liv & I had a quiet (or lame, depends how you look at it) night at home.  She really wanted to play Feed the Kitty but said we needed three players.  Yes, I got stuck playing a game with a stuffed penguin.

She even helped him roll the dice.

Something about this got me...the grown-up way she was holding her chubby little foot.  Three suddenly seems way too old!

After I put Livie to bed, I picked up a super old crochet project and hit the dvr stash (more on this mess later in the week).

I didn't get any photos from soccer because on Saturday it was raining and Sunday I missed the game (although I hear it was a great one).  I spent the day at a fun baby shower for my friend Julie whose little boy will arrive this Summer (I can't wait)!  This cake was super yummy as well as cute.

Dance Bags Part 2

Olivia is going to take a dance class this summer.  She is over sitting on the sidelines and cheering on her sister, and ready to get in there herself.  Of course her first questions about class where about the "stuff" she needs...fancy dance skirt, ballet shoes and a bag like EJ's to carry everything in.  So her birthday present from Mom was that lovely hot pink/rainbow number (her choice) she is modeling in the photo above.  EJ is modeling a purple variegated version I made for her friend Abbie for her April birthday.  I like this pattern a lot and it is easily done in a kids-size by using worsted weight instead of chunky yarn and adding two additional increase rows.  I made these two bags a little smaller than EJ's to make them easier to carry, but they are still the perfect size for dance class stuff or toys or books.  We took Livie's to Jack's swim class (as the toy bag) and it was perfect (especially because Mom didn't have to carry the toys this time).

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 25

It has been a little while since I've linked up for a WIP Wednesday.  Crazy schedule plus a couple top secret projects have kept me away, but I now have some fun finished objects to share soon.  This is the start of a little baby cocoon that I am adding to a gift for a friend's baby shower.  The yarn is so soft and cuddly.  The book is an attempt to get me reading again.  Reading books I have at home (and therefore no return date) hasn't pushed me to get reading.  I heard about this book through a blog write I like mentioning how much she was enjoying it (on twitter), so checked it out of the library.  I'm only one chapter in, but it's been nice to be reading again!

Joining up with Yarn Along at Small Things & WIP Wednesday at Tami's Amis.

Stream of Consciousness


This butterfly was part of a gorgeous mural at the end of my walk this morning.  It made a nice ending to a walk where I got hassled by random guys sitting in a car I walked past (why do men do this?) and also dealt with some serious wedgie issues (what is up with that?).  Ugh!  But overall the walk was really nice.

I did a ton of cooking this weekend and I made the zucchini chips again.  Even better this time around.  I made them on a cooling rack on top of the pan (per my mom's suggestion) and it worked so well.  Yum!

I have no nail polish on my toes right now (actually for the last 24 hours or so).  I can't even tell you the last time this was the case...years.  My feet look so weird right now (even weirder than normal)!

I've been selling stuff on the C-list this past week and while most experiences have been good, it has brought out the crazy in people.  One guy emailed me to criticize my phrasing ("excellent, but used condition").  He didn't want to buy anything, just make his point.  Another lady wrote to tell me that I had priced a toy $20 over what she could pay any number of people who currently have listings for that same toy.  Ummmm, do that then!

Also, that lady had my husband's last name (which we don't use).  Weird, right?  It got even weirder when I got an email about 10 minutes later from another lady (in another town) who wants to pay me the full (apparently outrageous) asking price for the same town.  She has my husband's last name too.

I sold a stroller this weekend.  The cash was nice, but I have to be honest that I was more thankful to take the listing down and stop getting solicitation emails from my posting...for a stroller.  I'm not sure what the trigger for the spam was...sit 'n stand?  Is that code for something that my sheltered self is not aware of?

I do not have the patience to grow out over-plucked eyebrows.  Not that I'm saying I have a situation right now, but...

I'm starting to plan for summer for the kids (classes and stuff) but was planning a casual (or some might say, lazy) plan as far as projects/crafts.  Then of course, EJ tells me that her favorite part of summer is the art projects, so back to planning for me.

I just realized I use the same detangling comb on my hair post-shower that I use on the girls every morning. So basically it's just a matter of time until one of them gives me lice.

A Girl and Her Favorite Thing Ever


We've never been parents who buy lots of character-themed toys for our kids.  Perhaps a t-shirt here, a stuffed toy there but that was about it.  However, Hello Kitty has taken over our house!  When you get to kid #3, you already have all the toys in the world.  There isn't much to put on the wish list, so when this girl showed off her extreme love for all things cat and Hello Kitty, everyone ran with it (including us).  And despite the fact that she truly got all the Hello Kitty in the world for her birthday (with no duplicates), Liv went out yesterday and used her own money (birthday & Christmas savings) to buy these new Hello Kitty sheets (blanket is her travel blanket from Christmas & the doll is from Jack and EJ for her birthday...yes, it's an HK explosion in her bed).  She was about to burst with excitement last night at bedtime.  I'm pretty sure she talked non-stop to EJ for about two hours post-lights off!

Birthday Rewind

I can't believe that I never posted photos from EJ's birthday.  How did that happen?  Which is also what I thought when I realized my girl was turning 5...how did that happen?  But she did and we had many celebrations to celebrate!

Her school birthday celebration -

Cheesecake and fun at Grandma S's house -

Tiana cake and awesome cousin time (yes, they got a little sweaty) -

A day at the park & lunch on the deck...in March.  Huge deal!

And to wrap up her actual birthday...a fancy dinner out (her choice) and screen time on her present from our family.

 We're a month in and so far 5 is pretty darn fun!  Happy Birthday (again) Miss EJ!

Birthday Bear Hugs

The amazing Nellie did it again (remember the amazing tags she did for EJ's birthday treat?) and Olivia's birthday treats were a huge hit.  For some reason, the girl who loves cats more than anything, also has a thing for teddy grahams.  They are her favorite snack/treat and she really wanted to share them for her big day.

These adorable snack bag toppers were just the thing to dress up Liv's everyday snack.  Thanks again Nellie!!  And I must apologize for the horribly dark photos, but that is what happens when this momma decides to start getting treats together the night before (despite the fact that Nellie sent her the design file two months ago)...oops!

Happy Birthday to Olivia

Livie turned the big 3 this weekend (time is flying for this momma), so I'm going to bomb you with some pics from our Easter celebration and her actual big day.  Be prepared for a LOT of Hello Kitty...she loves HK and cats in general (we have no idea why).

On her birthday, we had an awesome doughnut breakfast at my brother's and then we headed out to a kids play place for the entire afternoon (I thought we might never leave).

When everyone finally agreed to leave, we headed out for an early dinner (Mexican, yum!) and then home for a couch nap with mom, baths, new toys, and snuggling with her new (and super soft) Hello Kitty from Jack & EJ.  Happy Birthday to my favorite 3-year-old!

Recent Pinterest Recipe Success

I've been cooking again and found a couple amazing recipes (via Pinterest) that I wanted to share.

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake via Kalyn's Kitchen
Super easy and really yummy.  I made this for Easter brunch and everyone really loved it!

Banana Bread Bundt via Real Mom Kitchen
Another Easter brunch recipe that was very well-received.  I used chocolate chips instead of nuts (and yes, I finally bought a bundt pan).  This cake tasted just like banana muffins and was super easy to mix up.

Monster Cookie Dough Dip via Skip to my Lou
My love of this chocolate chip cheesecake dip and my love of Skip to my Lou made this a recipe I had to try.  It did not disappoint!  Really sweet and perfect with graham sticks.  The recipe makes a ton, so I froze half of the dip for a future date.  I'm really glad it's frozen though (it's that good)!