Shower Bling

We held Alice's bridal shower at a restaurant, but I still wanted to add a couple personal touches. Given that they were being married by Clownvis and honeymooning in Vegas, I went with a little casino theme.

Favors 1
Favor pods
Gumball cases - Pink Lemonade Party Shop
Gambling chip chocolates - World Market

Centerpieces (Before & After)
I changed the look of some Mum plants from our local florist by hiding the green pots behind dice covers.  The covers were made of tagboard cut and folded to size to make a square around the pot (the tagboard had no bottom).  I used white electrical tape to close off the opening (started with a rectangular piece of tagboard, then folded and taped into a square shape) and spray-mounted black circles to look like the dots on a die.  We also attached three silver helium balloons around the pot base.

Flower pin - Green D Designs

Instead of getting a traditional floral corsage, I wanted to get the bride-to-be something beautiful that she could wear again. This gorgeous dark gray and yellow flower pin was the perfect thing and Alice loved it!
Kathleen said...

I would want you to throw my bridal shower, if I were having one! ;) Those favours are so much fun, and the phrase "married by Clownvis" sort of made my morning (and sent me to see your post about the wedding itself, which was also morning-brightening! laksdjf Clownvis, and your kids being adorable with pops of yellow!).

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