One more wedding post for WIP Wednesday, although technically these are finished objects.  I posted on their progress so much though that I thought I should follow-up with pics of them being used.

I posted about my shrug here and here, and the pattern can be found here.  It really was an easy pattern to work up (the back part was boring, but easy) and it was easy to wear too.  It made my backless dress wearable and warm on April 1st.  I loved the edging detail and the shrug looked awesome once I blocked it.  I used this yarn in Bakery Box White.


Me & my mommy

I posted about EJ's shrug progress here and the pattern can be found here.  Her dress and shoes are from Old Navy (dress at Christmastime, shoes from this Spring).

Livie's in-progress post was here and the pattern can be found here.  Her dress and shoes are also from Old Navy, but I had the band on the dress altered by the fabulous Green D Designs (original dress shown here).  I thought I loved the pink band, but the yellow may have won me over.

I didn't make anything Jack was wearing, but I thought he deserved his own photo.  His bow tie matched his Uncle's, shirt from Gap, pants from Old Navy, and his shoes are Simple (and hopefully will be worn again).  They all look much too grown-up in these outfits, but Jack is the worst of them.  Darn big kids!

Joining up with Yarn Along at Small Things & WIP Wednesday at Tami's Amis.

Opal @ Celebrate Life said...

You've done lovely work. I'm still new to crochet, but am slowly working on larger projects. Currently, my first big project is a Yo-yo afghan. My work in progress for today are slippers and cats.

Paula said...

Holy cow, woman! Your kids are all ridiculously cute. Love the smiles! And the crochet is pretty, too. :)

AEK said...

So pretty! The color yellow looks great on ALL your kiddos. Great job, as usual.

Lisa said...

Dropping in from Ginny's... Loving the yellow theme of your projects for your kids. Very cute. :)

Blessings, ~Lisa

nytesong said...

What a pretty little shrug! I've not tried a shrug yet but there's a few I've had my eye on. And the name of the color of the yarn for you used for it is really cute.

What is the yellow yarn you used? It's such a pretty warm shade.

I'm still not good at lace but I'm creeping along and trying to learn and Ginny's Yarn Along is certainly helping to keep me motivated! http://vanillaicing.typepad.com/vanilla_icing/2012/04/cheese-scarf.html

P.S. Your word verifications are very difficult! It took me over five tries. =( I hope they aren't showing you each of my pitiful attempts.

Kathleen said...

Your shrug came out gorgeous---I'm glad the blocking worked its magic. And the edging really is lovely, the combination of negative space and shell/fan things looks great. You wear it really well, too. :)

And the kids look amazing---grey and yellow is such an A+ combination, and the girls' shrugs are so sweet!

Nicky said...

I love all your projects and those munchkins ... ridiculously cute!!!!!

Michelle said...

You all look wonderful! That little bow tie is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love your shrugs so pretty

~Claire~ said...

Found you via Small Things Yarn Along (haven't been by Tami's yet to check the links there!) :)

Love love love all that yellow and grey together! The shrug you made yourself is the Perfect accompaniment to that polka dot dress!! Beautiful work!!

Tanya said...

I need me some shrugs! really nice!

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