Sweet Potato Fries

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This is the one where I teach myself to like a veggie by cooking it a new way.  I have never liked sweet potatoes, but Matt is a huge fan.  No amount of brown sugar and marshmallows has ever changed my mind.  But I recently stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried them at a restaurant.  They were sweet potato tots and something about the "tot" caught my attention.  I loved them!  And so, I decided it might be time to try making baked fries at home. 

I got this recipe from my friend Jackie and made them with grilled cheese for an easy dinner on a sports practice night.  They were so good!  A little spicy for the kids' taste but Matt and I thought they were yummy (even cold the next day).  I will definitely make these again with less seasoning, so the kids will eat them too and I am officially a convert.  I really like sweet potatoes!

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cyndi said...

Sweet potato fries make me happy! Definitely need to try this recipe & see if I can convert Lee (not a lover of anything sweet potato except his mom's famous sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving - which, really, is more like dessert).

Jackie said...

YAY!!! See...I told you you'd like them :) And I just wanted to agree with you that I LOVE them cold the next day. There usually aren't a ton left over but I like to make lots so I can have them with my salad the next day for lunch!! I'm so excited you've been branching out!!

Sweet Potatoes - the candy of the starches said...

Yummy in my tummy!

Kathleen said...

Yum. I don't think I've ever tried paprika on baked sweet potato fries, that sounds gooooood. (And incidentally, baked-fries were how I Learned to Love Sweet Potatoes, too. But now I'm a fan of them in other ways---if you want, I can send you a really tasty recipe for sweet potatoes mashed with apples and ginger and spices!)

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