Fitnessgram: Teacher Gift...repost

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and at our school each class is assigned a second teacher/person (those who don't have one set class) so that everyone is showered with appreciation this week.  Jack's class has our wonderful Physical Education teacher, Mr. Hoffman.  You've seen the (super cute) candy gram idea, right?  Enter the Fitness Gram...

In short, it's a bunch of goodies for the health & exercise-minded teacher matched up with some cute cheesy sayings to tie it all together.  Many thanks go to Jackie for sparking this idea (and for some of the sayings) and to Nellie for creating the awesome card!

{custom card design by nellie*design}

The word-gift connections:
propel -Propel beverage pouches
bar - chocolate bar (dark chocolate so somewhat healthy)
trail - trail mix
rhythm - iTunes gift card
stride - Stride gum
burn - sunscreen
bottle - stainless steel water bottle
the home team - something from the local sports team
a perfect pair - socks

This was definitely outside my normal gifting experience to focus on a general fitness theme (and to plan it for a boy too!), but was a lot of fun to put together.  I think it's a nice alternative to a sweet treat and hopefully full of useful items for the recipient.  A fitness gram would also make a great gift for a coach or an active parent (maybe for Mother's Day or Father's Day)!
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