Waterpark Weekend

This weekend we were lucky enough to get away and enjoy a family weekend at the waterpark.  We love going on this trip every year and really can't beat a great group rate (and a huge "cabin"-styled room with a full kitchen) at a great place. 

We had so much fun!!!
Jackie said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend away!! It was a good one to be inside!!

AEK said...

Love the pics (as usual). Curious where you went since you so many options!

I Want to Go Back said...

for the water fun,
...wait, for the spacious accommodations
...wait, for the awesome desserts
...wait, to have food served on a train
...wait, for the opportunity to spend time together. Yep, that's the winner.

cyndi said...

Love the smiles in these pictures! You can tell that fun was had by all. And, hello...those desserts look incredibly delish & decadent! How was the chocolate cake? It made me start to drool!!!!

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