Where we stand

It's getting warmer which has equalled lots of outside time for me.  Perhaps summer weather is actually on its way?

Matt completed his last two finals of this semester last night (one was "take home"), so we have him a few more nights a week.  Well, for a couple weeks at least...then he's off to his summer class.

We're getting a new furnace this week.  That sounds weird given my summer weather comment above, but when it goes, it goes.  Of course, furnaces also control air conditioning.

This month is the busy season...Matt's finals, soccer, baseball, end of school stuff, and a million birthday parties.  How is it that all of EJ's friends seem to be Spring babies?

Having back-to-back soccer and baseball practices on a Monday night knocked Jack out cold post-shower.  I'm curious if I'll even be able to wake him up this morning.  All that outside time did not affect his sisters though.  I'm wondering if I'll be able to wake them up too, but it's because they were up talking until about 10pm.

I'm ready for summer.  The kids still have a month of school...except Livie.  Her last day is next Wednesday.  She's not going to be happy!
autumngeisha said...

Gorgeous picture! I am so looking forward to summertime, too! Can't quite believe that there's only one more month left until school is out. First stop for us will be the local beach. Yay!

Never Too Hot said...

Bring on the summer! Best time of year by far!

Jackie said...

I agree...bring on summer! This month of may is too crazy for me, I want consistently warm, not 80 one day 60 the next...and a nice fun schedule!!! We could all use some consistent sleep :)

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