Always Do Your Research...

Or in this case, totally drop the ball!  Ugh!!

Let me back up and say that I always do my research when it comes to books and movies for the kids. I want the content they read/watch to be age-appropriate for them and if there are new things introduced (subjects they haven't dealt with or tough topics) to be sure that we can talk about them in more detail to help them process their thoughts.  Each of the kids (mostly Jack and EJ actually) have troubles with specific themes/issues or plots and so Matt & I both watch out for those things.  This time...not so much.

For the last month or so we have been reading Stuart Little together as a family.  It is a story I haven't read in many years, but I knew it was a story that would interest all three kids.  They loved it (although I think Matt's reading voices/interpretation definitely sweetened their enjoyment).  The kids were loving the book so much that I told them after we finished reading the book, we could watch the movie (which we already owned but had never watched...I think it was a gift).  The movie has been sitting out in the living room and the kids have been getting more excited to watch as we neared the end of the book. 

And then it happened.  We finished reading this week and told the kids we could start watching the movie the next night.  Luckily for us, Jack was unhappy about the lack of closure in the end of the book and asked Matt if there was a second book that might tell us what happens to Stuart in the future.  Somehow in searching for book info, Matt happened upon reviews of the movie and we learned that we were in big trouble.  The movie does not follow the book plot at all and seems to put Stuart in grave danger quite a bit.  In addition, the reviews went into great detail about how poorly the movie deals with adoption.  Others (who have actually seen the movie) speak in great detail about this if you're interested, but from what I understand, this is not a movie I want our kids seeing.

So, we had to talk to the kids and tell them that we would not be watching Stuart Little after all.  They took it better than expected (thank goodness) and I was able to borrow Stuart Little 2 from the library.  Reviews of the sequel say it is a much better movie than its predecessor and stays pretty true to the book plot (as much as a modern movie adaptation can).  Glad we dodged this one, but who knew the story of a talking mouse could be so much trouble.
AEK said...

Wow. You never know! This is why Miss M doesn't like really any movie -- too much chance of conflict/danger. It is frustrating. Good advice!

Tanya said...

I thought the movie was quite plain vanilla and really a lot of fun, sorry your kids won't be watching :(

I've also nominated you for an award:

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