A Blanket for Our House

The living room blanket is done! It's not (and probably never will be) blocked as the second I sewed in the last end, it was taken over by three little kids.  It will definitely be a used (and loved) blanket and for that, I am thrilled.

The free pattern is here.  I changed the colors a bit and if I were to make this blanket again, I would do my own edging (but in this case, I realized that after two completed border rows, so decided against it).  Progress posts here, here and here.  Yarn is Vanna's Choice in (order as used) Rust, Chocolate, Brick, Mustard, Silver Grey, Pink, Purple, Dusty Blue, Antique Rose, Pea Green, Olive and Sapphire.

And now...I'm working on a couple small projects, but also have started another blanket for our living room.  What do you think of these four colors together?
Anonymous said...

That blanket looks so cozy! No wonder it was taken over by 3 kiddos!

AEK said...

Yay! It's done! Love how it turned out. The colors are gorgeous. Well done (as usual).

Kids aren't the only ones using it said...

You should be thrilled - it really turned out nice. I like the color pattern, and most importantly for me, the coziness!

Wool Diaries said...

I love making blankets for that reason, they are always used. In summer to build forts by my boys and in winter to keep them warm. Love gifting them to.

Your blanket is going to be a treasure in your house.

The four colours looks really good together

Unknown said...

Having your hard work loved and embraced is way more important than blocking.
I like the colors of the blanket and the others.

I am working on a Christmas Fairy, trying to finish it for Friday to post the instructions to share.

With All That I Am
Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

Sarah ~ Crafts from the Cwtch said...

It's lovely - no wonder the kids want it!

Mistea said...

Gorgeous blanket - it works obviously works well without blocking. Yippee.

Like the new colours too.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

It's so pretty! Who needs blocking when it is being loved???

I think the colors for the new blanket are great!

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