The Great Gummy Bear Experiment

This weekend we did a great science experiment.  Super low maintenance with a big just have to have patient kiddos.  I liked this idea so much, I pinned it twice (well, two different people blogging about it here and here).  Both bloggers explain things more thoroughly, but basically, you put gummy bears in water and wait.  The photos above show our submerged bears getting bigger (control bears on the table), but it's hard to see how much they grew.  It was a LOT!

After about 24 hours, this was the difference between the control bears and the new super-sized bears.  The big bears lost a bit of their color and became pretty fragile (red lost a foot right after this photo was taken).  Our kids took the job of observation very seriously!

I had already planned a few simple science experiments for the kids this summer because of their favorite project last year, but I am now on the lookout for more.  We also attended a library program this week where they demonstrated some easy chemical reactions using things already in your house/recycled objects.  They recommended a book called Cool Chemistry Concoctions, that we will be checking out very soon.  It's fun to watch the kids take on the role of budding scientist!
You're Such a Cool Mom said...

This was simple but very cool! And I love the science experiments as much as the kids. Keep them coming!

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