Picking Fun

We went strawberry picking yesterday.  I was really unsure how it would go with all three kids and me as the only supervision (especially because the girls have never gone before), but lately I've been more adventurous.  The girls are getting older and can handle much more this summer.  In the end, it went really well and the kids asked if we could do it again before we had even pulled out of the parking lot.  We picked about half a container of berries and then we picked some snap peas too.  We've never picked the snap peas before, so didn't grab a ton.  Well, we had them with our pasta tonight and they are already half gone.  So yummy!  I have a feeling we will be going back later this week.

I tried a Pinterest tip of washing/soaking the berries in a mixture (1 to 10) of vinegar and water.  It is supposed to stop the berries from molding, but obviously they haven't had the chance yet.  I can tell you that you do not need to rinse the berries.  There was no taste from the vinegar at all.  What I did taste was the amazing difference between fresh, farm berries and store-bought berries (which had tasted amazing yesterday, but were blown away by these new guys).

We wanted to share some berries with our garden partners, and also with Grandma, so I created an easy and cute pint container to hold them.  Start with a sheet of 8x8" card-stock.  Then measure and mark a line two inches from each edge.  The next step is a little tricky, but you need to cut in 2" along one of the lines you've drawn (so until you hit the line going the opposite way) and then do the same thing for the second line on the same side of the paper.  Turn the paper to the opposite side and cut on each of those lines as well.  After this step is completed, you will have cuts on two sides and nothing on the other two sides.  Fold along all the pencil marks and then double-stick tape on the flaps the cuts created to make this pint box.  I swear that it is a super simple process...the directions make it sound much worse!

{The finished dimensions are 4" square on the bottom and 2" high on the sides}

I folded a piece of paper towel in the bottom and then filled the container with strawberries to share (and then took some super blurry photos...oops!).
Yum! said...

Fresh strawberries - one of life's greatest delights!

AEK said...

Curious where you went strawberry picking -- looks fun! (and yummy)...

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