Summer Reading Plans

{Sorry about the terrible photo...I should have taken it before we hung the chart on the dark wall}

Jack and I are embarking on a summer reading club this summer (and yes, EJ is mad that she can't be in the club, but that is a whole different issue).  We/I picked 20 books that we will read at the same time and then talk about as we go (I'm going to try to stick close to Jack's pace so we're at the same points of each book).  I'm hoping this will help with some of the holes I feel Jack is getting in reading comprehension and also encourage Jack to read more at his level during the school year (he has a tendency to pick super easy books in his school library trips).  If nothing else, it will be fun!

We grouped the books into sets of 3 or 4 and color-coded the dots.  Jack made our chart and named our reading club "The Gumball Challenge," so each time we read a book, we will move the gumball to one of the boxes on the outside of the chart.  He is going to pick the order of the books we read, but each time we complete a color set, we were have a reward (Rewards are not really determined at this point, but I hope to make them somewhat thematic).

Our books (listed in their groups) are:
Hoot, Flush, Scat, Chomp
Frindle, The Lemonade War, Matilda
Baseball Crazy, Guys Read: The Sports Pages, Guys Read: Funny Business
Bad Kitty for President, The Kid Who Ran For President, N.E.R.D.S
The Cricket in Times Square, How To Train Your Dragon, Time Cat
The Indian in the Cupboard, The Westing Game, The Sixty-Eight Rooms, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

If you don't want to do your own reading challenge (not everyone is a big reading nerd like I am), there are so many summer reading programs at the library (we're signed up for two and they rock), at the bookstores, and online.  I highly recommend signing your kids up for one, or more, of these programs.  You get coupons, free books, fun, and best of all...your kids stay on track until school resumes in Fall.

Some free programs we are using this summer:
Barnes & Noble - read 8 books & receive a free one
Scholastic Summer Challenge - track your reading time & earn prizes
We Give Books Read For My Summer - free books online targeted for the 5-7 year old set
memetales - online books & a free app with "read to me" option making this perfect for pre-readers
AEK said...

Great idea (as usual!) Love!

Does Rading Text Books Count? said...

adding a game to already joyful reading. you def know how to keep things fun!

Jackie said...

You are a reading nerd! and I mean that in the nicest way :) I can go as far as signing up for the programs for the kids but I think if O and I tried to do a reading challenge we'd end up fighting every day! Thankfully the free coupons encourage my kiddos enough to keep going!!

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