Teacher Gifts

It's not the last day of school yet, but our teacher gifts are all set (mostly because I'm a reserve juror the next couple days, so I'm not sure what our week is going to look like).  We wanted to do a bookstore gift certificate for Jack's teacher, but wanted to make it just a little cuter than an envelope.  I asked Jack about the reusable cup idea (it can be frozen too) and said I would add some candy or something to go inside.  Olivia and I went shopping at Target and I asked her what color nail polish I should get.  Her response was, "Green, of course.  Everything should be green."  Now that is a girl after my own heart.  Of course we should make all the silly things inside match the cup...so we did.

We went in on a class gift for EJ's teachers, but wanted to do a little something extra.  So we went back to an old idea but EJ added a note and drawing to the back of the Stay Cool cards.  Both teachers are parents, so I think these summer treats will come in handy.

{photo courtesy of Green {D} Designs}

Each of Olivia's teachers (she has 5, so I like to do the same thing for each) was gifted one of these gorgeous necklaces from Green {D} Designs.  Karri made each necklace in a different color and used scrabble tiles matching each teacher's first initial (the letters show on the back of the necklace).  I loved that each was similar, but special and personal.  And the teachers just loved them.

And with that, we are ready for summer...two days left!
Envious of your creativity said...

These are great teacher gifts. You rock!

Jackie said...

teachers in tosa are going to start having very similar gifts :) I had the first 2 sitting in my house this week...one delivered today :) gotta love help from some creative blog buddies!!

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