Scenes from Our 4th

We are hot and tired, but very happy!  On the 3rd, we cheered our team to victory.  Well, in full disclosure, we cheered our team to a tie, then left to drive to fireworks and all but gave up on them while we listened in the car.  They pulled out a win though and we were very happy!

And then even happier to hang out with our awesome Uncle (who saves us a primo spot for fireworks every year).  Liv was not a fan of the fireworks, but after Matt helped her out by covering her ears, she fell asleep quickly.  EJ loved them (and even sat with the big kids to watch), but the finale was a little intense for her taste.

The morning of the 4th brought an early wakeup and a parade!

And then after a quick lunch, EJ had a performance...on a very hot field with no shade...she was a rock star!  And the other sibs (Jack moved to fast to get pics of though) had fun during her practice time too!

And we went home...and took long baths...and got in jammies at 4pm...grilled burgers for dinner...and watched a movie.  Liv was asleep 8 minutes into the 6:50pm.
nora said...

Love the drum pic and it sounds remarkably like our 2 days. Even the hands over the ears (although that was J. for us). The girls are fast aslepp at 7:02 tonight. Whew.

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