Zoo Classes

Yesterday, the kids took classes at the zoo and they had so much fun!  Grandma wanted to gift each of the kids a class (she even went all out and got them their cute Zoo Camp shirts...which they promptly changed into before class even started) and I'm very thankful that she did.  I thought they would be good, I had no idea that they would be awesome.  Liv's was a parent-child class (she was not happy that I would be joining her, but actually did let me work with her on the crafts...a little bit) and the big kids were on their own.  So, I thought I'd let the kids do the blogging for me and tell you about their classes in their own words.

My class was about the veterinarians at the zoo.  We got to see our cheek cells on a slide under a microscope.  We also got to make a skeleton with popsicle sticks and sun-prints.  My favorite thing was when a pachyderm zookeeper came in and told us about how they treat the elephants, hippos, rhinos and giraffes.  We did observations in the cat house and up close & personal with the goats.  I got to see a lot of interesting things today.

I took a class about giraffes.  I made a puppet and camera and a leaf hat.  We played games likes Moms blowing bubbles and kids hitting them with our tails (flyswatters...the bubbbles were supposed to be flies).  In the tv, there was a talking giraffe.  I saw two real giraffes.  I learned all the stuff about them.  They have good names.  The class was really cool!

I liked when I felt the baby chicks.  I got to clean their cage.  I liked making the horse bed for Bandit and I got to wear a Zookeeper jacket when I did it too.  I can't wait to take another class at the zoo.
AEK said...

Your kids should be official spokesmen for the zoo! They are so eloquent. That vet class sounds really cool.

Kathleen said...

Zoo classes!! Awesome. I love Liv's giraffe puppet and leaf hat. I sort of want to make some of my own.

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