Fair Day

Earlier this week, we spent the day at our State Fair.  I didn't take many photos as it was just me with the kids, but I can tell you that we had a blast.  We spent a lot of time in our DNR's exhibit (which we have never explored before) and also did a little giant slide action, ate yummy foods, and visited many farm animals.

Liv was very serious about her cream puff portion...

EJ walked the entire fair (first year without the double stroller for her) and she did great, but she was tired!  This was at our resting point before we walked to the car (another 8 blocks or so to go).

After the fair, we headed to the ear doctor (fun times) and then headed over to our National Night Out.  We usually go a little later and then do the flashlight walk too, but with Matt in class (and everyone tired) it was not in the cards for us.  We spent more time then I thought we would though...free kid swag, ice cream, coloring contests, bounce houses, and more.

The fire department is always there and the kids love putting out the fire in the little wood house they bring along.  This was Liv's first year manning the fire hose and she took her job very seriously.  We also got to check out the fire trucks.  I love that they do this each year!

Before we knew it, it was 6pm (we left the house at 9am) and we were done!  A quick stop at the library for a movie, baths and vegging out were on the agenda for the evening (and I have never been happier to have leftovers waiting in the fridge).

It was such a fun day and even though it was exhausting, it was a day that reminded me how much easier things have gotten as the kids have gotten older.  This was the first year I wasn't juggling diapers, a double stroller, sippy cups, and nap-time.  It was awesome!
EJ's Tired Face Says it All said...

i think you packed in more than ferris bueller could have

farfromharmfarm said...

hello there, I've been catching up with you and I have to say I'm exhausted with all you've been doing this summer (AND a reading list!!)

So much fun being had here :)

AEK said...

Oh, Cream Puffs..how I miss you so.

cyndi said...

So much summertime fun - love!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day, cream puffs are my favorite too!

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