Snippets from the Week

--I decided on a new pattern for my wrap for Julie.  I tested it out with the old yarn...easy and cute, but yuck with the thick yarn.  This pattern calls for something much more fine...and soft...and lush.  Love the new stuff!

--At the wedding we went to last weekend, people were talking about how soon the next wedding will be.  I had been focused on the first day of school and completely blanked on how soon I would need a new outfit (same crowd of people at both weddings).  Luckily we have the coolest consignment shop ever right in the neighborhood and I found the perfect dress.  I also bought some earrings (I didn't need them, but I loved them) and ogled a super cute purse (that was WAY out of my price grid).

--The dress is super thin though and has a low-cut plunging neckline, so I needed some underthings too. I learned in the dressing room that the girls speak their mind and really don't pull any punches.  Whatever...better them than the people at the wedding, right?

--The library is closed for the next four days and the mere thought of that apparently sends me right into hoarder mode.  That stack of books is my current "to read" pile...well, minus books I own that are also "to read."

--Soccer season began again last night.  Jack is so psyched to be back at it and was even agreeable to the ghetto soccer ball...for now.  He moved up a size in soccer balls and picked out one he loves for his birthday wish list, but needed something to practice with for the next month.  I decided that "starter" ball should be the $4 one.

--I went a little crazy with the library movies too, but I see lots of couch-project time in my weekend, so I figure it's okay.  The girls checked out Beauty & the Beast (which I'm hoping is as big of a hit as The Little Mermaid was) and I got one of my all-time favs to share with Jack.  He started out so hesitant (it is really hard for a boy to see the fun in a movie with such a girlie title) but he was laughing out loud within 5 minutes.  Inconceivable!

--My couch-projects are many right now and that pic on the bottom kind of sums up my daily struggle.  Do I work on my volunteer project for school (the red folders) or do I play with the fun new crochet pattern I'm working up?  I'm thinking you can guess what has been winning lately.

--I've been dragging the kids on morning errands this week and while they haven't been thrilled, they have definitely made the best of it.  Yesterday they were huge hits with the senior set out on their errands too.

--Also this week, Matt and I became the last people on the planet to watch Bridesmaids.  Loved it!  We also rented Friends With Kids last week...I cried at times from laughing at that one.  And yes, clearly I currently have a little crush on Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig...who doesn't', right?
Jackie said...

I can't believe you hadn't seen Bridesmaids with how much you watch movies!! I've seen it multiple times and I hate movies...or can't stay awake I guess. If you haven't seen Friends with Benefits its a good couple movie too...I may have seen that one 3 times too, (and twice with the hubby) but who's counting!

AEK said...

Haven't seen neither of those movies! Lame (for me) - my 20something self would be so disappointed with me! Glad to hear you liked them. I have heard mixed things about Bridesmaids... Have a fun labor day weekend!

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