Ticket Shadow Box

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but my oldest is a hoarder.  I'm a collector myself, so it's obvious where this tendency comes from, but...his desk/room/playroom can get a little crazy.  So while we are still encouraging him to weed through his possessions, I also try to look for ways to contain the things most important to him.

I pinned this idea awhile back and Jack and I tackled it this week.  I started with a shadow box frame I already had (I'm sure it did not cost more than $10 and I found it in the donation pile).  It had a 1" mat with a cardboard backing behind (it folded into small boxes behind the mat to create the "shadow"), so I got rid of the mat and cut the backing  so that it was just the back and side edges.  Jack and I bought some paper tape and stick on letters at Target and set out to make it a little more fun.  I really like how much brighter it is and that there is a pattern to the backdrop.  I cut a small slot in the backing so that Jack can add tickets without taking everything apart too.

Jack added some tickets within seconds of me putting it all together.  Now to get the walls of his room finished, so we can finally hang things on the walls!
Incentive to Have Fun! said...

This is not only a great idea but the design and colors are cool. Nice work! And I love how Jack had a stash ready to go.

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