Dining Room Refresh

I decided our dining room was a little more stuffy than we'd wanted. It is lined with gorgeous (and semi-formal looking) built-in cabinets, but the fact is that we use it as our kitchen table and it is open to our casual living room too.  So, it needed some brighter, more modern touches.  New drapes, some new photos (big ones) on the walls look really cool with some of the things we already had displayed.  My favorite new thing is the new frame filled with Instagram prints from the last few months.  I love how it came out and the kids have a lot of fun looking at all the pics as they eat.  The best part is I think that it will be super easy to update as well.

dining room 1
Karri said...

Details! Is it an Instagram print frame? Where did you print your instashots?

heather said...

I bought prints from Printstagram ($12 for 24) and then mounted them on a fabric covered backing board (in an old Ikea frame). I didn't want tot spend a lot and really wanted to use the frame I had already, so that is why I went this route. But...Prinstagram does sell posters of your Instagram prints too.

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