DIY Ice Pack

I've been down and out this week with a killer shoulder issue, so have spent the majority of my time lying on a bag of frozen edamame (I rotated between shelled and in the shell).  However, once I visited the magical world of physical therapy with all their fun toys and seamless gel ice packs, I realized I needed something a lot less bumpy.

Enter Pinterest and their tutorials for everything.  I started with this pin for an ice pack made with dish soap, but through the comments ended up here.  A couple ziploc bags, 1/3 cup vodka, and 2 cups of water...done.

After a couple hours in the freezer, it doesn't look like much (ha!) but it feels great.  The consistency is kind of like a slushie, so it's softer than just ice would be and forms to your shoulder (in my case) or whatever you need.  Best part is that after it melts, you just throw it back in the freezer to use again.

I've never been happier to have a Pinterest project work out!  Thanks to physical therapy and these new smooth ice packs, I just might be back in business soon.
Karri said...

1/3 cup vodka for the bag. 1/3 cup vodka for the pain. Lol.

My Vodka and Cokes Don't Count said...

1/3 cup? Hmmm... There was a completely empty bottle on the counter this morning.

Anonymous said...

Good tip to have in the arsenal. Hope you shoulder is feeling better!!!

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