Halloween Dress Rehersal

I took advantage of our one warm, non-rainy day this week to get some photos of the kids in their Halloween costumes.  We trick-or-treat in the dark in our neighborhood, and it's almost always freezing as well, so it's nice to get some pics during the day (without the 5 layers of warm clothing under costumes).  The girls went a little less glam this year (last year they were very fancy) and Jack chose to be human this time around (check out his platypus look here).

Olivia chose to be...wait for it...a cat.  You're shocked, right?  I was surprised she went for a plain cat (I thought I was going to have to figure out HK for sure), but she knew exactly what she wanted.  So, I crafted up a costume so she could be "a black cat with pink ears and white paws).  I have a feeling she will insist on the nose and whiskers all weekend!

HatPattern with adjustments for size & J hook, Yarn is Charisma in black and pink from my stash
MittensPattern with adjustments for size & H hook, Yarn is Vanna's Choice Baby in white
Sweats - Target
Shoes & Socks - Liv's closet

EJ knew what she wanted to be for Halloween in June...Bernie Brewer...and there was no talking her out of it.  I had no idea how I was going to give her all of that bright yellow hair (especially the mustache), but my Mom suggested craft fur and while it was super messy, it was definitely the way to go (I have tons, if anyone needs any).  By the way, she is thrilled with her costume, but a little freaked out about having fur glued to her face, so she would not loosen up and smile!

Hair/Mustache/Eyebrows - Yellow craft fur (pinned into hat & glued on her face)
Hat/Jersey/Baseball pants - Jack's closet
Cleats & Glove - EJ's closet

On the other side of things, Jack could not decide on a costume AT ALL.  In fact, he had no ideas, so Matt & I have been brainstorming for ages and nothing has interested him.  Finally, we stumbled on a (semi) winning idea...a blind referee.  We think it's kind of fun, Jack isn't positive even now.  He may just be a ref.  He did play it up for the camera though...he even threw a penalty flag for me.

Referee Shirt - craigslist find
Penalty Flags - party favors
Walking Stick - cake dowels taped together & reinforced with white duct tape & red electrical tape
Hat - Uncle Bob's closet
Sunglasses - Dad's fishing gear
Pants & Cleats - Jack's closet

Karri said...

Ohmygod- Bernie is an excellent idea!! They all look great!

Having added some craft fur to a's werewolf costume, I know the mess. It made me shiver...that hair falling all over.

Bunch of Hams said...

It does look like EJ is afraid to smile because the stache might fall off. That's prob why she has a stone look on her face. I know she loves it though as she has been talking about it nonstop! Nice work on all the costumes!

Leslie said...

Oh.My.GOODNESSS!!! #winning

Those costumes absolutely ROCK. Can't even tell you which one I love more -- perfection, all 3!

AEK said...

Love them all. Especially Bernie's pink shoes/cleats and mitt! Especially love how you made the "referee's" walking stick - very clever.

Emily said...

Your kids are SO funny!

They all look super awesome!

Anonymous said...

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