My friend Julie turned 40 last month.  She younger than me (I may hear about that statistic from time to time), so I had to give her a bit of a tough time when she finally caught up with me.  Luckily, the talented Nellie at nellie*design (she just posted some incredible holiday photo card designs as well) was willing to help me make the gift look fabulous.

40 blows?

40 sucks?

40 rocks!

Julie also got married this past weekend and we had a ton of fun celebrating her special day!  I was honored to serve as MOH and Jack had fun dancing the night away.
{Julie & Jim (Mr. & Mrs. banner by nellie*design), Julie's son (and my favorite baby) Mikey, slow-dancing with my son, Jack & his Godmother}
Angie said...

Love the gift idea! So cute. Is this the wedding that you were making the shawl (not sure if that is the right word for it) for?

Jackie said...

Ah yes...the oldest member in our household (clearly NOT me!) received some of those as gifts as well...packaged more "manly" but super fun nonetheless!

Hazels Crochet said...

That is an awesome idea :) very cute and funny.

Many congratulations to Julie, sounds like she has been having a really good time :)

tracie stier-johnson said...

congratulations to julie!! love the photos!

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